On Duty
('The Author') Spring 2015

Yes, After John Terry, let's talk about Race
('The Observer') July, 2012

Young, Black, Gifted and Confused
(Cover Story, 'Race in Britain' supplement, 'The Observer') 2nd September 2001

('African Writing Online') 2008

The African psyche
('New Statesman') 2005

Tribal Britons
('The Guardian') 2004

Diaspora Chic is big in the Academy but not on the streets
('Index on Censorship') 2003 

On the new black middle-class
('The Observer') 2002

On Babyfathers
('The Guardian') 2002

Malcolm X
(‘The Independent’) 2002

I Lost My Heart in Durban
('Travel, The Guardian') 2002

Slavery Q and A
(On Britain's abolition of the slave trade) 2007

Searching for a black face in Eden, England
('The Guardian') 2000

Public Schools
('The Sunday Times') 2003


Greatest Modern Reads: 'The Catcher in the Rye'
('The Times') 2009

The Dedication Business
('Daily Telegraph') 2000 

White Lines: Black folk in Victorian art
('The Guardian') 2005

Pretty Is The New Black
(Dinner Speech on Black-British aesthetics, Howard University) 2006

Slovenian Anthology of New British Writing - Introduction 

New Writing - Introduction
(published by Picador) 2003

London Calling, by Sukhdev Sandhu 
('The Daily Telegraph') 2003

Books of the Year
('The Observer') 2004

African Literature
('The Times') 2005 

Guest of Honour Speech for Zimbabwe's 75 Best Books
(Great Indaba, Harare) 2004

The Map of Love, by Ahdaf Soueif
('The Guardian') 1999

The Atlantic Sound, by Caryl Phillips
('The Times') 2000

IC3: The Penguin Book of New Black Writing in Britain edited by Courttia Newland and Kadija Sesay
('The Times') 2000

The Hip-hop Years, Channel 4
('Black Film Bulletin') 2000

An Interview with ‘Cheek by Jowl’ theatre company
(‘Debate’ , The Oxford Union magazine) 1988

An Interview with Tom Wolfe
(‘Cherwell’, The Oxford University newspaper) 1987


Eye on the Stars: Twitter and the Sporting Hero

(Index on Censorship') May, 2013

UK Cricket's decline
('Index on Censorship') 2003

Urban Cricket: A sort-of memoir
(on cricket as Nature,  the game then and now, and the problem with ‘Role Models’...

from '25 X 4: Channel 4 at 25'. Editors: Rosie Boycott and Meredith Etherington-Smith) 2008