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Spanking new twelth imprint of ‘Some Kind of Black’ is out

available now at all the usual outlets...


'Newsnight', BBC,  Feb  2014
Diran discusses the Woody Allen sex allegations and society's attitudes to artists etc  with Times' columnist (and fellow Spus fan:J) David Aaronovitch: link

Shoot the Messenger, 'Vox Africa'

And here's Diran discussing ,with his old mucker Darcus Howe, and presenter Henry Bonsu, the future of Uk black etc: link


Here's a link to a recent edition of the 'A Good Read' series on BBC's Radio 4 , where I and fellow guest the author Lynne Truss discuss three book selections -  Michael Ondaatje's 'Running in the Family', Paul Theroux's 'Sir Vidia's Shadow', and Nick Barlay's 'Hooky Gear -  with the host Harriet Gilbert: link

Eye on the Stars: Twitter and the Sporting Hero

Athletes have always been expected to set a good example. But today, does the immediacy of social media mean their right to free expression is under threat? Diran Adebayo considers the rules of the game
You can read that hear in 'articles.
And here's a link to the Index issue.


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